Donate to Paul's Campaign

Thank you for considering a donation to help support the campaign. Please take note that Paul is in favor of strong campaign finance reform. In keeping with that position, the Harrington For Congress Committee is restricting the types and amounts of donations beyond the limitations imposed under current law. These self-imposed limitations are:

     1. Only individual contributions up to a cumulative maximum of $2,000 per contributor will be accepted – a married couple could contribute $4,000 maximum. (Under federal law, the limit is $2,700 per contributor – up to $5,400 for a married couple – for both the primary election and the general election, or up to $10,800 per couple during a campaign).

     2. No contributions will be accepted from Political Action Committees (PACs) or from any other organizations or groups whose primary purpose is to influence legislation or policies.

If you are making a contribution by check, please make the check payable to “HARRINGTON FOR CONGRESS COMMITTEE” and mail to: Harrington For Congress, P.O. Box 1787, West Chatham, MA 02669 (and include your employer and occupation, in addition to name and address, for reporting purposes). Thank you!

In addition there are certain federally required restrictions. By making a contribution, either online or by sending a check, you are certifying that you: (1) are not a foreign national, federal contractor, or minor; and (2) you are an individual contributing your own money and not on behalf of anyone else. If a married couple is making a joint contribution in excess of $2,700 by check, both must sign the check. If a married couple is making a joint contribution in excess of $2,700 online, it must be split into separate contributions from each spouse (each one being no more than $2,700). Also, federal law requires us to request your name, address, occupation, and employer if your total contributions in a calendar year are $200 or more. For administrative purposes, we request that information from all contributors regardless of total contribution amount. Thank you for your cooperation and support!


NOTE: Political contributions are not tax deductible.

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